Typical service and consulting case:

1、  The HDD engineering of the island in South Korea, 1300m100MPa granite;

2、  The HDD engineering of the island in Russia, Φ500mmPE pipe×2;

3、  The crossing engineering of sewage river in the west outer ring road of Tianjin city of China, 650mΦ711mm steel pipe;

4、  The crossing engineering of Nanchang-Liao River Line which is the second line of West-East natural gas transmission project of China, 950mΦ1219mm steel pipe;

5、  Pinghu town in Shenzhen city of China, the crossing engineering of complex formation to its highway, Φ813 steel pipe;

6、  The crossing engineering of Baise city of Guangxi province in China, 563mΦ457mm petroleum product pipe in gravel layer;

7、  The crossing engineering of Lu River in JinbiancountyofShanxiprovinceofChina, 830m silty sand layer;


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