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Efficient Bentonite

 Efficient Bentonite——Special for HDD 

* FormPowder

* Packaging: 25kg/packet

* Functions & Advantages:

      *No special requirements, just mix with mud, high viscosity and fine slag carrying capacity.

      *It dissolves faster than ordinary Bentonites.

  *Fine retaining wall performance, easy to apply to the fragile hole formations.

  *Excellent rheological properties, namely, the viscosity of mud under motionless or low flow rate state is high, while high flow rate state would reduce the viscosity; here, low flow rate refers to the velocity of flow that mud flow through the annular space between the drill pipe and the hole wall; high flow rate refers to the whole process of flow viscosity of mud that suctioned by the mud pump in the beginning, then passing the drill pipe, finally, flowing out of the drill tool. There will be two advantages: Firstly, the mud of low rate state and high viscosity in the holes helps to maintain the stability of the pore wall and carry the clinker in the hole easily; Secondly, it could reduce the difficulty of pump suction, and improve the efficiency of drill tools.

      *Green, Non-poisonous.

* Suggested dosage: According to equipments and engineering geological conditions to increase water of 25-50kg/ m³.