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* Form:Powder
* Packaging: 1kg/packet and 25kg/packet

* Main function:improve the rheological propertyandthe gel strength of mud

*Advantages & purpose:improve the rheological property of mud,increase theviscosity when it flow rate is low,strength the ability of suspension of drilling cuttings andslag carrying, bring down the probabilityof sedimentation of drilling cuttings in the hole, reduce the wear of drill tools and lower the engineering cost and risk.

*Applicable strata: metalling, lithosphere and so on.



* Form: Powder

* Packaging: 1kg/packet and 25kg/packet

* Main function: flocculation and increase the viscosity of mud

*Advantages & purpose: In the process of mud purification, it could flocculate large drilling cuttings into roll to sediment, to realize the purification initially. Generally, the dosage in the mud is 0.2-0.5‰, it could strength the ability of slag carrying, and it can be used as lubricant in the claypan, but should be used carefully.

*Applicable strata: claypan, drift sand strata, gravel layer, metalling and so on.