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August, 2011—— DRILLING was incorporated in WuHan city of Hubei province;

December, 2011—— The formula of DRILLING MAX-Bentonite was developed successfully and put into production in Hunan province;

April, 2012—— The services of DRILLING went to abroad and completed the crossing engineering technical services of the rock island in Russia;

July, 2012 ——DRILLING trenchless (HDD) vocational technology training system was found and began the services to customers;

November,2012 DRILLING ——guiding assistant App (version 1.0) released officially;

April,2013 ——DRILLING attended CSTT2013 Suzhou annual conference in Jiangsu province;

July,2013—— The formulae of DRILLING High Viscosity Bentonite and Efficient Bentonite were developed successfully and put into production;

October,2013 ——DRILLING Mud Additive——Multi-Benefits made a successful development and research and then drive it to the market;

January,2014 ——Our corporation held the first meeting of stockholders of DRILLING to take the annual business summary and make the future work plans;

April,2014 ——DRILLING attended CSTT2014 Dongguan annual conference in Guangdong province;

June,2014—— The formula of DRILLING Seawater Bentonite was developed successfully and applied to the crossing scene;

June,2014—— DRILLING guiding assistant App (version 2.0) released officially and bring it to the marke;

July,2014  ——DRILLING official website : chinadrilling.com was released;

August,2014—— Drillingchina —— the Wechat public service number of DRILLING TRENLESS was released officially;