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Consulting& Tech. Services

Consulting& Tech. Services

When horizontal directional drilling construction enterprises have technical problems in the early stage of the project, feasibility study, design, construction and some other periods, we could provide professional technical services, and our professional technicist could offer technical guidance for you in the construction site, specific services as follows:

* Assist to draft the project book and discuss the feasibility of the project;

* Offer the design of construction scheme and construction drawing;

* Offer the technical guidance in the construction site, including the specific process, the project adjustment and communication;

* Write and construct the construction scheme of the guide hole, including wireless, wire and geomagnetism;

* Complete technical services and consulting of the complex crossing engineering.

Our customers throughout the world, such as Russia, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, India, The Republic of Turkey, United Arab Emirates and some other nations and regions. Our domestic customers include ChinaPetroleum Pipeline Bureau, Sinopec Group and other companies’ large crossing engineering. Besides, over 100 small and medium crossing works have accept our technical services.